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M.2 & U.2

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Are the M.2 nVME PCI-e GEN 3 x4 quicker than the U.2 that use the Intel 750 SSD?

I've read U.2 Intel 750 uses 2 PCI-e lanes where as the 2280 NVME can use PCI-e GEN 3 x 4 lanes - So this makes the M.2's quicker than the Intel 750 - Is this correct?

A bit of a natter about this is best - Some boards have U.2 and even ones that don't can use some sort of a PCI-e to M.2 PCI-e card - Asus from what I've read are certified for with some sort of OTHER converter cables.

Do other boards work with these as well such as AsRock?
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Intel have the 750 2.5" SSD for U.2 - Are there any other brands of 2.5" SSD that are U.2 compatible?

Regarding the M.2 2280 slots etc....there are adapter cards that convert M.2 into U.2 - Will these work in ANY*** M.2 socket that is PCI-e GEN 3 x4?

or does it need to be compatible with a manufacturers U.2 kit? - which is a little add-in card- M.2 to U.2 via M.2 socket on the motherboard?

Example AsRock have a Z270 Supercarrier motherboard - Is listed as compatible with AsRock U.2 kit which just sits inside an M.2 socket PCI-e GEN 3 x4 socket.

Really it boils down to the question, are the U.2 kits compatible with ANY*** PCI-e GEN 3 x4 slot?
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