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2280 etc.... M.2

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Is it true these little devices have cooling issues when plugged directly into the motherboard? -

Is the same applicable to the SATA III 6 Gb/s variants as much as the PCI-e GEN III x4 versions?

Does it help to host one of these cards in another card eg - into a PCI-e slot so there is no contact with the motherboard?

The positioning of these slots varies from board to board, with some so near to the CPU it looks like the M.2 may get cooked - While some other positions are well away from the CPU - Does this help?

Not used the M.2's yet but will be so ask about some things like throttling of these M.2's and hopefully hear from other users experiences - smile.gif - smile.gif - Thanks
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The Sata variants generally run much cooler than the NVME ones.

But under normal use, you won't see much if any throttling, and the position is mostly only an issue if its located under a GPU.

For ease of mind you can just get a heatsink, they work both on motherboards and PCIe riser cards.

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Thanks for those links

I did see similar heatsink at Scan - though the EK may be better

Do these heat sinks work on the M.2's that connect directly to the motherboard?

EDIT - I've just seen a picture on EK website with an MSI board and a heat sink, smile.gif - This answers it!

Have you used these heat sinks?
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