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Fast SSD for Z97 Mobo

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Hi All,

I just upgraded my aging Core2 system to an i7 4770k. I'm using a Gigabytes Ga-Z97P-D3 motherboard.

I'm wondering if this is also a good time to upgrade my OCZ Vertex 3 128GB SSD?

I don't need more space but wonder if drives have got significantly faster? This is purely boot and programs. Data on a traditional HDD.

What would be a good choice for an SSD system drive compatible with this mobo? I'm a bit confused about pcie and m.2 etc...
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if space wise you're ok, there's no point replacing the ssd. You won't notice any speed difference in real life. Only in benchmarks
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Just to follow up this thread, I got a Samsung PM961 128GB for my system drive and my OCZ 128gb SATA SSD became the default 'my documents' directory. It does load programs noticeably faster, but it wasn't exactly slow before! The drive was only about £65 so a nice little treat I think.

My motherboard is specifically a GA-Z97P-D3 which supports NVME with the latest bios upgrade. It was plug and play.

What I do find interesting is that I didn't think this mobo supported PCIE 3.0 but in the bios settings I can choose PCIE mode as 'Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 or Auto'. So does this mean it must fully support PCIE 3.0? I wonder because I have the drive in the second full size PCIE slot and the drive gives me about 1600MB/S read. It says it should give over 2000MB/s in a PCIE 3.0 slot so... or it might just be due to also having my graphics card in the first full size PCIE slot? I wasn't doing any intenstive graphics when bench-marking though.
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