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780 Ti Performance Decreases w/ Overclock

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Hello everyone,

I have an EVGA 780 Ti SC (2884-RX). No matter what I try, I can't get better performance when overclocking this thing. The only thing that gives it better performance is maxing voltage and power on the stock VBIOS. Take note that I have an EVGA 1000W G3 PSU powering my system. When I mention I've overclocked my GPU, it always means it's stable without artifacts and without crashing. When I speak of performance, it's being measured by 3DMark and UserBenchmark. Lastly, my temperatures never peak past 82°C during benchmarking.

I've flashed skyn3t's VBIOS and overclocked my GPU from there. This gave me the worst performance somehow.

I modified my stock VBIOS with the following changes...

The main difference between my VBIOS and skyn3t's VBIOS is that I set much more realistic power draw ceilings, and I also only changed the GPC value in the "Boost States" tab. In regards to the power ceilings set in skyn3t's VBIOS, nearly everything was set to 600000. When I overclocked my card to the brim with his VBIOS and mine, I never saw power draw past 127%. So, mine is different, as shown in the pictures. In skyn3t's VBIOS, the GPC, L2C, XBAR, and SYS values were all changed to 1071.5MHz. In my VBIOS, I only changed the GPC value to 1071.5MHz and left everything else stock (remember, I'm building off of my stock VBIOS). After flashing my VBIOS with these settings, I set my same stable overclock values on the card (+143MHz core, +420MHz memory) and ran a benchmark. Flashing my own slightly edited stock EVGA VBIOS gave me better benchmarks, but still less than my card being completely stock.

I'm very confused right now. I see people with my exact 780 Ti scoring really high because they've obviously overclocked it the right way. With knowledge that I've tried applying from all the older cards that I've overclocked, nothing seems to work with this 780 Ti. The last card I overclocked was a 560 Ti that I squeezed lots of performance out of. Thanks for any and all help guys! If I've left out any information please let me know.
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I made a different VBIOS (built off of stock VBIOS) that simply changed power values and maximum voltage to exactly what's shown above without touching anything else. When overclocking it again, it overshoots the core clock well past 1215MHz (which is what I want it to stay at but it doesn't) and it crashes.

Please help!
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