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Building second PC for streaming ( dedicated streaming)

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Hello everyone. I m thinkin about dedicated streaming. Only games.

I searched some information about it, but now have some questions doh.gif. I want to stream in 1080p 60fps quality, but will take advices also for 720p 60fps, it will depend on how much will be difference in price between those builds.
I found that possible ways are:
1) AMD cpu with built-in gpu
2) Intel cpu + nvidia gpu
3) intel cpu + capture card

Which one of those ways is the best, and which models i should take for it.

( On my gaming PC i usually have 180+ fps at any time. GPU and CPU loads never go higher than 65%-70% in any game. I mostly play in FPS games on LOW graphic preset. The reason why i dont want to stream from my PC, is - i want to avoid input lag from this process at all, because of that i want to build second PC. Unfortunatelly i cant exactly say which programs i ll use to do it yet, but will take your advice if you say something about that too. I only tried to use shadowplay, and will not use it for sure, because of lack customization)

Very need your help with this decision. bulb.gif
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Hey man,

Personally from what I've read, I would probably recommend option 2, as OBS (a widely recommended and free streaming program) has the option for Dual PC streaming without the capture card. I stream with PS4 to PC via capcard so wouldn't be able to tell you much more but if you're going to be using the second PC for streaming only, I've seen many people handle it with just a beefy CPU and complete midrange GPU as CPU can handle it mostly fine.

Sometimes I use my Xeon to run Overwatch on PC at max settings on 3440x1440 and stream at 720@60 with no noticeable difference and the stream comes through clear and smooth so a lot of it comes down to what games you plan on playing also.
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Hey, Vakten.
By saying complete midrange gpu - you mean one of those old gtx 7x -8x series, right? And, when you said about your Xeon cpu, did you mean that you stream and play on the same PC? Thanks for joining this thread )
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I think one of those GPU's would likely be fine, I mean when I do Overwatch on PC (It's the only game I stream on PC - the rest is on PS4) I only have an AMD RX480 and it goes just fine like I mentioned above. And yeah I stream and play on the Same PC.

Others might have more insight, but if this second PC is for Streaming only you could try getting it with just a strong i7 and use it's onboard GPU to run windows etc. Then in the software set it to CPU encoding and it could possibly save you some money as you wouldn't need the GPU.

I know THIS thread is a bit old but they do briefly state that most Intel igpu can handle this fine and could save you some cash in the long run.
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Yea i checked this thread. The only thing i'm doubt about that, is - that thread 2014 year. But in newer thread, cant provide the link unfortunatelly now, people say that AMD built in gpu is better than Intel built in gpu a lot. Although dont remember it was enough for 1080p 60 fps quality, or not.
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if u'r game run at 180FPS at 70% GPU usage and u want to avoid CPU input lag use u'r GPU decoder to do it...
if u have a GTX 10 or AMD 470+ u should see a minimal performance hit if any.
my GTX1060 see about 3% higher GPU usage when im decoding on it at 1080P 60FPS.

its free, try it.

if u go with dedicated stream PC u just need a strong CPU as u will decode with X264 and u need a capture card any way to get the signal from the gaming PC.
if u get a capture card some already have a decoder in them so u dont need a strong PC.
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Thanks for reply, idanp. Can you give some examples of such decoders. Did i understood right it is something like NVIDIA Video Codec SDK or Cuda toolkit? And such tool will not add input lag to my pc at all? Sounds really confusing to me. And if you tried building a second PC too, which CPU will be enough to decode 1080p 60 fps. And, another question, why you didnt mention ability to decode with built-in gpu - i mean intel or amd gpu. Or you tried such way, and it performed bad? Sorry for lots of questions but trying to figure out important information about all of that.
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its a tool from nvidia, it let u stream or capture videos and more...


depanding on u'r internet u want go up to 6Mb/s stream

with my GTX1060 i have no problem capturing video up to 50Mb/s but i stopped at 20 sins i dont see any imprement over that

oo and if u prefer OBS then here is how to set it up:
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A capture card isn't going to do anything for you if you're streaming and gaming on the same PC. In this instance, I recommend getting a CPU with as many cores/threads as you can afford. You should be able to manage CPU load by assigning core affinity to each application. Then you shouldn't have to worry about your broadcast software stealing resources your game sorely needs.
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idanp, if you mean shadowplay, i mentioned that i tried it before and dont want to use, because it has lack of customization, and also sometimes stream interrupts a bit on 1080p 60p, even though i have no packet loss and 150mb speed connection, and high enough bitrate was choosen, just randoms stops, dont know why. Just thought there are some other options. About obs yea i saw some info about this program, but will go deeper about it after i will build second pc. Can you answer some following questions in my previous answer? )
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