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[Build Log] Project mnchrm - Parvum S2.5

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Slowly growing into the mindset of not simply settling with "if it works, it works," the computers I have owned have gone from pre-built systems to simple DIY projects. This time around, although painfully slow in the process, I wanted to try and step it up from just having a system that works to a piece I actually wanted to display on my desk without it a) taking up too much space, and b) looking -somewhat- aesthetically pleasing, at least to me. I have been a long time fan and follower of some of the nerdier case modders and water cooling enthusiasts, and figured I wanted to mix some of that in, and try to take advantage of the people that have shared great and informative content on these topics. A concept formed in my mind and what I dubbed "Project mnchrm" started.

The hardware isn't spectacular, but generally I wanted this to be shaped around clean lines, a simple color palette, and (for me) be somewhat realistic to complete. The project started early 2016, parts were ordered around mid summer the same year (hence some parts being a generation or two behind already), and since last October, we had a little baby girl, so working on it has been confined to an hour or two here and there every odd'ish week. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my journey, hope for some feedback, get wiser in the process, and maybe, who knows, inspire some people to not make the same mistakes as me!

Project mnchrm

MB: EVGA X99 Micro2
GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 Gaming AXC 3.0
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA P2 750
CPU: Intel Core i7 6850K
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB
HDD: Samsung Evo 960 500MB M.2
Case: Parvum S2.5 matx (minor customization)

CPU: EK-Supremacy EVO x99
GPU: EK-FC1070 GTX + EK-FC1070 GTX Backplate - Black
Radiators: EK-CoolStream SE 240
Fans: EK-Vardar F2-120 (1450 RPM)
Pump: EK-Vario D5
Tubing: EK 10/12 acrylic
Fittings: Mostly EK nickel, and a few Bitspower silver shining to compliment missing EK sizes
Reservoir: Bitspower 150 upgrade kit, z-cap, aqua pipe, and black pump cover
Reservoir mount: Singularity Computers Ethereal V1 silver

Separate imgur album can be found here (first few posts here show pictures not in chronological order): https://imgur.com/a/Q010k


3D render of the S2.5 sent by Parvum - case view and close-up.

Mockup of the "planned" loop. Blue lines are tubing in view inside the case, violet lines are behind the motherboard tray, and red is the drain port.

First rounds of hardware, waterblocks, fittings, and accessories. Shipments from EK, Bitspower, EVGA, and Singularity Computers.

Sleeving colors going into the build: Black, platinum grey, and natural white (all MDPC-X). My first time doing custom sleeving, so fairly excited on how this will turn out.

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Parvum S2.5 in white and black acrylic, modified with precision cut holes for pass-through fittings and a bit extra height to keep the loop visible after the top radiator and fans are installed.

Testfitting motherboard, radiators, fans, and preparing for the reservoir and pump to be installed with the Ethereal mounts (which need to be trimmed in depth as it will scratch up against the GPU once installed). It's a tight squeeze with the D5 pump, so I hope the added height on the case is enough. Contemplating a fill-port on the top of the case. Looks like the I/O cover isn't designed for GPUs with a backplate either, but time will tell when I get that mounted.

Testing the pass-through fittings. Went with Bitspower, since their male thread is longer, and the EK pass-through wouldn't have been long enough to tighten on the backside, seeing as the acrylic is 5mm thick and the EK thread length is exactly 5mm.

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A slighy miscalculation and there was a small negative airspace between the GPU and the reservoir. Fortunately, my old man was able to hook me up with a workshop that could trim the Ethereal mounts down by approximately 10mm in depth and retap the thread.

Testing mounting brackets on the reservoir (need to flip them upside down to hide the logo indent -- sorry Daniel, there just wasn't enough room after the trim). I might need to rethink my drain port, as the EK fittings are slightly thicker in diameter compared to Bitspower -- 18.8mm vs 18mm, and the fittings in the inlet and outlet brush up against each other and are unable to turn. Maybe a Bitspower plug for the inlet and a T or Y-splitter for the outlet and drain port? I would've opted for the Singularity Computers Protium reservoir and D5 cover combo, but sadly, these were not announced till a few months after I made this purchase (back in September '16).

Testing some routing options for the top inlet. Not overly happy with it though, so will look for other options that will -hopefully- include a bit of tubing. Space at the top and bottom of the reservoir combo is sparse though, so a double 45 degree fitting might be the only solution!

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Some of the most recent purchases. Seeing as the build stalled late last year and I hadn't picked up the CPU yet, I could monitor prices and was able to pick up the 6850K at nearly half price. Not the best the market has to offer, but since I don't want to upgrade the MB, this is what I could afford to go with. Downgraded the M.2 from a Pro to the Evo, since, performance wise, I wouldn't get that much more value from the Pro. And top it off with a kit of RAM sticks from Corsair (tossed the cooler in the bin).

6850K installed. Fairly happy to get this, finally, and be able to get some waterblocks in the system and begin (or, let's say attempt) to bend some tubes for the CPU loop.

RAM installed and print on the heatsinks aligned with text on the motherboard. Also got the EK-Supremacy EVO x99 waterblock installed. I can't really say I am a fan of the easier installation method of the x99 block. I think I would've much preferred the original version with the stand-offs.

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Had a small hour one evening last week after Ellen was tucked in, so got wiring and sleeving for the pump done. Need to drill and expand the hole in the bottom cover to hide the heatshrink inside the pump.

Wiring and sleeving done for the pump done the night after and neatly tucked away inside the D5 pump cover!

And, here's the whole thing assembled with the reservoir and pump cover; plus filled with some temporary deionized water (courtesy of my mother's lab -- just to see if the whole thing would leak or not). Question still remains; should I go with a T-fitting on the outlet for the EK drain port or use a Bitspower combo on the inlet instead (silver shining double rotary and mini valve)?

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Tools at the ready and time for some wiring and sleeving!

Here is the small molex extension to power the pump. Might redo one of the wires to white; not sure yet.

Getting ready for the 8-pin EPS to power the motherboard.

Overly excited about the end result!

Prepping the three split-wires for the 24-pin cable. Using the crimp-end from a female molex pin.

All three wires crimped and ready for soldering.

I can't recall using a soldering iron in the past twenty odd years, but picked up this cheap 30W with helping hands. Good stuff!

Not sure if I'd call this pretty, but hopefully the connectivity is there!

And all the splits covered up with heatshrink.

This isn't at all what I hoped for, but being my first time sleeving I'll chuck it up as a tiny success.

And half of the 24-pin cable is done. The other six lanes will be all black. Wires are cut, crimped and ready to get sleeved.

And below is a small trick I picked up from /u/royalba94 to get the blank pin-out stuffed with a cable. Cut a small door, removed the wire strands, and filled it up with a small piece of a wooden chop-stick to give it some rigidity. Added glue and wrapped it all up in heatshrink.

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Finished the sleeving for the 24-pin cable. Need to plug in the connectors on the PSU side, but generally happy about how it looks. I hope the cross wiring won't be too messy.

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looking good.
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Test-fitting the tunnel from the top radiator back around the midplate and out to the CPU. The last section will run along the back from the CPU outlet and come back out behind the reservoir and into the front radiator.

Had to go with a 10mm Bitspower extender, since EK only has 6 and 12mm extenders.

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