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I'm a bit perplexed,
I've recently replaced my case and upgraded to the Corsair Air 540 from the NZXT Gamma Classic (ugly case, I know). Normally my GPU temp would be below 45c at maximum load but now with the new case, it's reaching 55c, that 10c higher. The old case was modified quite a bit, I removed the DVD bay from the top of the case and moved the HDD bay to the top instead and ran the GPU rad in the front bottom of the case where the HDD bay was and never used the side panel.

Now with my new case, same setup, H100i on the top of the case with two fans pushing air from inside case on the rad. GPU is now at the back of the case pushing air outside. And the two stock fans at the front pulling air into the case. Even without the side panel, the temps gotten higher. No different position at all in my room and my room is quite chilly, can't read room temp though.

I notice new GPUs tend to settle in temperature, at least from my own experience. My R9 270(s), GTX 970, and current card will raise in temperature after a few weeks of use. I'm just confused as to why this happens.

Made something to make things a bit easier to understand
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