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thanks for the links but are either unavailable or in-store only. still looking to troubleshoot mine (cross my fingers).

I managed to get a speaker and am starting to hear codes.
one long two short: with no memory in it (yes I know it will not boot but needed a startig point)
constant beep: with memory (with or without video)

Any suggestions. I would hate to dumpmonty on a mobo if its cpu.
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E6600 ASUS P5N32-E SLI 2 x EVGA 8800GTS 640MB 2GB (2x1GB) OCZ PC2 8500 
Hard DriveOptical DriveMonitorPower
2 x WRD 36GB 10K 2 x 500GB LG DVD/CD Samsung 21in PC Silencer 750W 
Antec p182 
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(13 items)
E6600 ASUS P5N32-E SLI 2 x EVGA 8800GTS 640MB 2GB (2x1GB) OCZ PC2 8500 
Hard DriveOptical DriveMonitorPower
2 x WRD 36GB 10K 2 x 500GB LG DVD/CD Samsung 21in PC Silencer 750W 
Antec p182 
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Now i have a problem...
I say that,i cant reach 3.6 ghz,but system is stable at 3480.
Now not...At stock fsb,and stock voltages system works perfectly,but if i raise fsb its freezing...
1 days ago i have a full stable light oc with 1550 fsb (387.5) on:
Vcore: 1.21
Ht: 1.25
Nb: 1.3
Sb: 1.5
Vtt: 1.25
Prime and Ultima running well on it to hours...
But today...I cant start the system at this clock speed,windows freezing.
Coretemp and ultima says (if i can run them before freezing) Cpu0: 37c cpu1:39c.....
I'll try raise/decrease voltages...No,my stable 3480mhz is not stable anymore...
If i raising the fsb,system freezing.
So what is the problem: the cpu or the motherboard will die??
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I just installed my E8500 and hit 4.0GHz on my 1st try, but jumped it back down to 3.8GHz due to high CPU temps during game play. My E8500 is pretty much the exact same CPU as your E8400 except with a 9.5 Multiplier rather than the 9 Multiplier on your E8400 at which case is the exact same target you are trying to hit:
E8500 @ 9.5 Multiplier X FSB 400MHz(1600MHz) = 3800MHz(3.8GHz)
E8400 @ 9.0 Multiplier X FSB 400MHz(1600MHz) = 3600MHz(3.6GHz)
I'm sharing this information only to varify your findings in that you should very well be able to hit your target 3.6GHz with that CPU.

This is what you should need:
  • Excellent Cooling for your MB/Chipset
    Please see my "POST #5260" on this thread for cooling tips
  • Excellent Cooling for your CPU
    Tons of fair options here under $40
  • Excellent Thermal Paste Properly Installed
    Always use Arctic Silver 5 on your CPU
  • Updated BIOS
    1104 is working great for me so far
  • Follow Robilar's Guidlines per "POST #1" on this Thread
  • Top of the Line RAM
    This could very well be your problem. Although your memory is high end, it is not SLI Certified, or SLI Ready for that matter. Try only running one of those 8800 graphics cards for a few test runs??? Honestly, I don't know if this is your problem, but I would google into it if I were you. Especially if everything else is checking out in this little list. I am using 4GB Corsair Dominator PC2 8500. It seems to do okay at around 1100MHz with no Fan. How far are you pushing your OCZ Reapers? 800MHz is the memory standard for that board. Try clocking them back down to 800MHz while testing your FSB/CPU. Then worry about maxing out your memory frequency/speed and timings.

Hope this helps. Maybe your board is getting tired?

Originally Posted by Cobra652 View Post
Pls help me somebody!
I know,this is p5n32-e topic,but bios,and MB is same,with little difference..
My overlocking is fail..
Cant reach 3.6ghz...I'll try to raise fsb (bus speed to 1600-->fsb400),like people say-->easy to 3.6ghz...
But i cant.
Disabled anything (spectrums,etcetc) in bios,try to raise voltages...Nothing.
I cant reach 3.6 ghz.
The system runs stable at 3.49 ghz (All voltages auto,bus 1550),but if i raise the bus speed to 1560 i need to raise all voltages.
Busspeed 1560 maybe stable,but if i raise it to 1570 i cant get stable oc...I'll try raising anything,trying other peoples bios setting...Nothing..
For example:
Bus 1600 mhz (400 fsb)
Vcore : 1.35 ('ill try to raise it,no help)
1.2v ht: 1.35
Nb: 1.4 (try to lower adn raising it,no help)
Sb: 1.50)
Vtt: 1.35 (lower/raise..nohelp..)
Any idea?
Thx,and sorry for bad english
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Hmmm... So how do I delete a duplicate post?
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Clearing cmos will help...
Ram speed is unlinked, 800mhz at 1.95....
Now my system running :
3480 Mhz
All voltages AUTO (in bios Voltage monitor says: 1.28, 1.9, 1.24, 1.30. 1.50,1.34)...
System works, prime 95 killed it after 30-40minute (HARDWARE STOPPED,CONSULT YOUR ....)
If a change voltage settings,prime 95 freeze the system on 1-2 minute...
Memories need 2.15v on 1066 mhz.
The mobo support 800 mhz...2 days ago my system works fine on 900 Mhz ramspeed with 2.0 voltage setting....Now freezing with it...
Tomorrow i'll try the cpu and rams on a P5E mobo,to see that works...

But till then any idea? Is the mobo,the cpu or the ram bad?
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Good idea. Set your RAM to 2.1 and 800MHz until you get the system how you want it. This will eliminate your memory as your problem. I would even try using one stick or the other temporarily until you get your CPU/FSB happy together. Your memory does not have anything to do with your CPU speed. You need to change the FSB for that. You could even use some old PC2 6400 if it is known to be stable RAM. -At least for testing your CPU/FSB speeds.

Then follow the 1st post on this thread and you should be set.

Oh, and your system was freezing now with memory at 900MHz because you need to disable all the crap in the BIOS and change your voltages 1st.
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I disable anything,what was in the first post...
On 800 mhz,if i raise voltage to 2.1 or 2v to ram,system freezing (all other fsb/voltage stock).
If memory on 800mhz,AUTO voltage (1.9),all voltages AUTO,Fsb stock,system stable..
If memory 800mhz voltage auto, raising fsb to reach 3480 mhz voltages AUTO, Prime95 freezin the system after 20-30 minutes....
And,if memory 800mhz (AUTO voltage), cpu 3480 mhz,and i raise/decrease anything in bios,system freezing......
If i waiting to cool down the system,and then start,the freezing is later...
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Oh,1more thing.
A tried the system with only 1 graphic card..No help.
Tomorrow i trying the processor and the rams on a P5e....
On p5e,rams need to run at 1066mhz on 2.1v...
If running,then the ram is good,not?
Ill trying another rams too tomorrow...
But if in p5e (with all other hardware,like psu,ect is from my system) the system freezing,and cant reach 3.6ghz without problem,then my processor is dead,or what?
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I would recommend testing your memory before you up and buy new DIMMs. Use MemTest86 for starters and hopefully eliminate that as your problem. You'll have an easier go at figuring out all your overclocking with only one graphics card installed, especially without using SLI Certified RAM. If you have $100+ laying around, I would definitely buy some for SLI compatibility.

Here are your newegg options.
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'ill running memtest86 after buying the hardware-s and install...
Running to 6 hours,nothing to find...

Now i say 1 more thing.
Every options disabled like in the first post.
Every voltages AUTO, Overlock setting AUTO.
Works fine,prime95 running to 1-2 hour without problem.
Overlock settings change to MANUAL,restart...
I see in voltage monitor: all voltages raised (memory not)...
I changing voltages to stock,set fsb to 1333,and ram 800 unlinked.
System works well.
Raised the ram voltage up to 2.15v system works well.
Now,raised the memory to 950/930/900 on 2.15v, every other voltages stock--> No/no/no....System not starting/freezing.
Okay,then i change ram preferences linked. --> now its on 930 mhz (2.15v),system starts perfectly (unlinked 930-->system not start)...But freezing on prime95...
Trying to decrease ram voltage,but freezing...
On 800mhz with 2.15v the system is working perfectly...
So now:
All stock--> system works.
3480mhz with 800mhz ram (1.8v-2.20) works,prime freezing in 1-2 hour.
3480mhz with unlinked 900/930/950mhz (1.8-2.20) not start..
3480mhz with linked 930 Mhz (1.8-2.20) high voltages freezing,low voltages lagging..
I'll trying to oc wth only 1 videocard.no help...
Oh,and my cpu (1550) was 38C on 0% load and go to max 51-52 on prime95 running..
So its not cpu overheating..
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