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How do you update your SMBIOS?

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This is my first post, if I do something wrong or anyone has suggestions on how I can do it better ie: Not "ranting on, too long" breaking a rule, or just doing something really stupid, please let me know.

Have nForce2 Rev 2.0 Mobo. Bios is latest (I could find) 1007.

SiSoft Std, Notices & Tips (errors) are:

1. "SMBIOS/DMI info may be inaccurate. Notice224 Tip T207 Get "SMBIOS/DMI
2.3 or later. Have rec same msg since I first purchased MOBO.
2. Tip T1202 "ASUSTeK Computer Inc Unknown (01EB) : Device does not
support bus mastering. And Same Tip: (01EE), (01EB), (01EC) & (01EF).
3. Tip T2536 "Dydtrm hsd no SMBus/12c/BMB bus support".
4. Tip T2525 "Current AGP data rate, not optimal.
5. Concerning my ATI9800 Pro 128mb. TIP T2513 "AGP Bis is unused or AGP
card not fully AGP Compatible.
6. Warning W1209" ATO Tech. Unknown (4E68) : Video card does not have
not interrupt assigned.
7. Error: IPX Connection for DirectPlay V 6.00 : Function Unavailable.
8. Error: Connect to DSN failed/inactive : Connect to data source failed. (This
one repeats two more times.

My main questions are:

1. How do I Up SMBIOS/DMI to 2.3 or later. BIOS ups, seem to be only on
ASUS site, & 1007 is latest. Phoenix Technologies wrote it. But they you
go to MOBO mfg's site.

2. Are all the BUS Mastering, AGP errors & DSN failures, connected to the
SMBIOS? Or do I need to chg my BIOS settings?

3. For my Athlon 3000XP (333) & ATI 9800 Pro, with 1GB of DDR3200 (non
registered) ram, are there optimal BIOS settings I am missing? Or am I just

I also have a prob getting raid0 to work. W/2 40GB WD 72Ks 2MB. everything is ok until I boot a seond time. I get a msg: NTDLR file is missing at a DOS screen. It won't boot into WinXP. I've gotten that msg on my nForce2 board, with a PCI Raid card, and the onboard raid. And an EPOX MOBO.

This msg is too long, & I'll probably get complaints. But I had to find out, what was too much and what is acceptable.

Any help or criticism, will be appreciated.

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What kind of components does your entire machine consist of ie mobo ram memory hard drive gpu cpu all that .

Well first of all you are asking three totally different questions that technically belong in three different forums. One in smbios forum one in a where do errors come from forum, and one in a ram forum. Although your ram i would say that your manufacturer can help you the most or just searching online for specifications. I had trouble with my ram and got support direct from ocz. There are many things you can change in bios for ram one main target should be your voltage setting, search for the default settings for your ram. Another should be your cal latency numbers or something like that it is usually 6-5-5-2-t15 or something along those lines. Judging by your 333mhz number your ram is probably outdated and you should just scrap that machine and start fresh My ram runs at like 800mhz and that is not that good. Where you want to head is into a new mobo that supports ddr3 ram at 1333 mhz and has a FSB of 1333 or 1600mhz. then just stick in a new quad core processor or i7 intel or amd whatever and hook up all your old stuff like hard drive and keyboard and monitor. The new stuff is easier to mess with and figure out.
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