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I didn't read EVERY post in this thread, but I logged back on to OCN specifically to make a topic like this. I was going to make it a bit more elaborate, but...

Yes, governments pay for the laptops. Currently the OLPC costs $176, the intel alternative costs >$200. The point is that the OLPC (NOT FOR PROFIT) aims to do something visionary by letting kids in third world countries learn by using these laptops in schools. Is it as important as food? No. By the way, you power the laptop by cranking a generator on it, it's very low power.

Point is, intel made fun of this guy's idea, calling it a 'gadget', implying it's a toy. intel then designs an alternative using this guy's design ideas, then distributes ads to target governments. Quote:
Professor Negroponte says Intel has distributed marketing literature to governments with titles such as "the shortcomings of the One Laptop per Child approach", which outline the supposedly stronger points of the Classmate.
This has almost definitively pushed me back to AMD completely. Sometimes you need to be loyal to a brand if they treat you right, and AMD has more ethics in one Brisbane than intel has in its entire board of directors.