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Where do you think I need to go from here

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum....none exactly fit what I wanted.

Ok brief overview of what I am running.

EVGA 590 SLi board - My motherboard
Mushkin 580W psu (4x12V rails with rail fusion) - PSU
BFG 7600GT OC PCIe-x16 - Graphics card
AMD X2 3600+ brisbane oc'ed to 2.937Ghz - cpu
I have 4x geil 512MB pc800 ram sticks(the orange ones) - Ram
Large mid-sized xion case with many upgrades fans. Case
I have one of these on the back I also have a 35cfm rosewill on the back with it. The mushkin has a 120mm fan it in. I have a 78cfm 120mm fan on the front. I have a 120mm 78 cfm fan on the side, and a 35 cfm 80mm on the side. I also have a pci fan....yes very overkill on the fans, but I would rather be safe than sorry.
I have 2x dvd drives, 2xseagate 80gig hdds, and my main hdd is a western digital 160gb 3gb/s.

Basically, I am trying to beat a friend as much as possible. I currently have it at:
cpu - 2.937 ghz(factory is 1.9ghz) and it peaks under load at 56C
RAm- 831Mhz, 4-4-4-12

Here is the issue, if I push the ram up another notch from 533 to 667 it won't boot....and I can't bring my fsb up over 314, when I move to 316-318 it will boot into windows and as soon as I do something I get a flash of a blue screen, and then it reboots, but my temps are fine. I am watching speedfan, coretemp, ntune monitor. At 320 fsb it won't boot.

Now I would say...well guess I reached the limit...but. My friend has the exact same layout, except he has an ati x1600 graphics card. He was running 3.059 ghz with the fsb at 326.

So it comes down to, I can beat him on 3dmark05, 3dmark06, pcmark05...if I can get my machine to run at 320 fsb...and I really really want to lol.

Yesterday I pulled my geil ram..and found that one set is running much much better. I was able to pull 3.158ghz @ 326fsb, ram is running 888mhz at 4-4-4-12 1t .......do you think I have more room? (max temp on anything was 55C)
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i would say new mobo, those 590 chipsets are kinda dated. and with that, a new cpu, as the one you have is dated as well
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......ok well I guess I should have added that its a budget system....I put it together for like $600 about 3 months ago.

I more wondered where I can go on this system, and my aim is more high benchmarks than gaming. I honestly only play warcraft 3 on it anymore. I intend to get starcraft 2 when it comes out, and I think I have more than enough for it.
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