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How to share folders with Windows and Ubuntu Feisty 7.04. This is for if you are already sharing folders in Windows.

1. Go to a folder you want to share and right click and select share folder.
2. Enter password.
3. It should asking you if you want to install Windows or Linux file sharing. Click on both and it will install.
4. Select Windows Network (SMB) and give it a name. Also de-select read only if you want to be able to edit files.

Now you need to make a password for accessing from another Windows computer.

5. Open Accessories/Terminal
6. Type
sudo smbpasswd -a (user name)
Substitute your user name on the Ubuntu computer for the (user name). It
will ask you for your Ubuntu password, enter that, then it will ask you for
a new password (which will be the smb password).
7. Now go to your Windows computer and go to your network. Now you should see the computer and be able to access your Ubuntu computer.

How to see what folder you are sharing with Ubuntu Feisty.

1. Go to System/Administration/Shared Folders. From there you can add, properties and delete. You can also change your General Properties.

Soon to come. How to setup folder sharing in Windows.