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Thats complete bull. The 360 is just as good as the PS3 hardware wise.
You should re-read what you posted. You would find out that there is no point to argue, as the poster is agreeing with you on the fact that the 360 is completely capable of running a game like MGS4 except for the storage media constraints. Here is a quote from a Kojima Productions Podcast that backs up the 360's technical prowess when dealing with games of MGS4 magnitude.

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Payton knows fans have legitimate concerns about Kojima Productions possibly compromising the game's ambition due to issues arising from concurrent Xbox 360 development -- divided resources, less disc space, etc. -- and he addressed those directly:

"I can tell you honestly at this point, we have not changed the game in any form with the idea of 'oh, we got to do this on 360.' Put aside whether or not we're developing for 360 or not, the game is built on the PS3 hardware, as you guys have known for the past two years or so."

Anyways, more interesting things about this. I was watching G4 the other day when they premiered the new "improved" MGS4 trailer. Something interesting to see was the fact that the PS3 logo has actually be removed from the credits, lending some credibility to the rumor that this game will be a multi-platform release. I personally see nothing wrong with multi-platform releases, just gives more consumers more choices.