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Hey everyone, Im new to these forums, but after reading over many motherboard issues, I can't seem to find the same topic for my particular motherboard. I have an Asus P58W-LA (Buckeye). The motherboard itself although branded asus is not actually on their website, the only place it is found is at the hp site:
The motherboard came with a referbished PC I baught from HP, a Pavillion A1640n.

Everything seemed fine but when I looked at my core speed with CPU-Z I found that my processor was underclocked, from supposedly being 1.86ghz, but running at 1.6. I looked further into the matter and found that there were no editable options in the bios that would even remotely help with this problem, as well I could not find a bios for it to flash anywhere on the net. I called hp and well lets say they were less than helpful. ie " Sometimes we round up the numbers" Im not amazing at math, but im fairly certain you don't round up 1600mhz to 1860mhz, I could be wrong....... anyway, I was hoping you guys may wanna take a stab at my problem, because ive just ran out of ideas. One thing I did notice is that the Multiplier is at x6 when Im pretty sure it should be x7, although I have no way of changing any of that in the bios.

CPU: Intel Pentium core 2 duo E6300 with viiv tech @ "1.86" ghz.
Motherboard:Asus P5bw-la buckeye
Operating system: Windows XP Media 2005
graphics card"ish": Intel media accelerator 3000 "integrated"

Thanks for your time