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bios help

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Hi all, heres my rig, p4 socket 478, 2 sticks of ram, 1 = ocz 1gb pc3200mb, 1 512mb ultra same speed 400mb,xp pro, basically I was having tons of bsods which seemed to lead to the harddrive, but still not sure, after flashinf the bios with a floppy and it saying sucessful. after rebooting, I get no screen, screen stays black, after a few minutes the computer beeps 4 beeps and searches the floppy, guessing a boot block read, not sure, wondering since the board seems to be searching for the floppy am I out of luck fixing or what. thanks all the board is a chaintech spt-800, it is not overclocked and wasn't and I have reset the cmos numerous times and also took the battery out, still nothing
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Are you getting a signal to the monitor? If you are and it just does not show anything, try flashing the bios again with a different bios. Don't know if you can but it is worth a try to boot to a floppy and see.

If it is searching for the floppy and you are not getting any monitor signal try this:

Make a bootable floppy to flash the bios. Run it on a different machine, but don't actually flash the bios. Just write down all the commands and you should be able to flash the bios blind. It's difficult but it can be done.
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