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aim not logging in

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i desabled the firewalls and it still wont login for some reason when ever i try to go to it redirects me to so i DLed the latest aim there and it took me 2 hours sence im on dialup
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hmmm, try uninstalling it completly then reinstalling it. also i used to(or rather my former step-sister did) when we had dial-up a long time ago. Dial-up is quite unreliable...
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Have you checked to see if your system clock is correct and precise? MSN doesn't let you sign in if it's more than a few seconds off.
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ur telling me ,anyways i just dled aim 5.5 and its still the same thing
and befor i formatted everything worked
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i think aim is country based no?like does it matter what country u dl it from if so can u give me a clean link to aim 5.9 us version plz i cant get to the us aim servers for some reason
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