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MX518 for the mouse

Has everything you will ever need.
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I do have them hiKaRux3, but when this PC goes to my dad, so will they. Besides, they are OEM parts, nothing special but I hear a good mouse is nice to have. And I'll look into that Raptor array, thx.

I wish the price cuts were this coming Friday, unfortunately that will be June 22 and not July 22 which I think is when the price cuts will come for the CPUs. If the nvidia cuts come before that date, it would be nice!

Maybe when it's assembled, I'll come here and show it off a little (for once, haha) and THEN worry about modding anything

The MX518 looks cool Dez thank you! Lots of people I know have that one, seems like a sweet mouse so maybe I'll go for it too.

Oh yea, I got another question while I'm on the subject, what are the benefits of RAID? How is it different from SATA and PATA? Does it benefit from having multiple HDs like the arrays of Raptor 74gb or just one big one?

Thank You! Oh and sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I just really want to know what I'm dealing with and be prepared
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Hey guys. Alright, I thought a lot about it and I came up with a great idea (in my opinion) to satisfy my brother's and I gaming needs as well as give my dad a newer PC he oh so needs. Now it’s very long to explain this plan and you probably don't want to hear it anyway, but once again, I need your hardware expertise.

BUDGET PERFORMANCE PC (around 800 Canadian bucks), needs to last through Crysis, UT3, and other soon to be released games at any setting, just playable. Here is what got and plan to order tonight or tomorrow.


GPU: BFG 8800GTS 320

CPU: Intel E4300

PSU: Coolermaster Extreme Power 550W

CASE: Logisys CS-822BK

RAM: 2gb of ?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

All comes out to around 850 Canadian which is great. I need you guys to help me find 2gigs of good ram for cheap price please.

In case you are wondering of why I ditched my initial plan, here's the short version. I buy this pc for me and my bro so we can enjoy games coming out between now and November. Around November/December, I sell this PC to him for about 500 bucks and buy my dream system with a G92 gpu and a Penryn cpu while this system is totally his. Cheap for him (not a lot of money to spend), we don't miss out on the games we want, and both get systems we will be happy with in the end.

So yea, can't wait to hear your opinion on this cause I order this really soon.
Thanks again!!
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Anything on here would do you good http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...nd&Order=PRICE
I suggest getting the 2nd cheapest ones. Standard timings and good price.
I know you can't buy from newegg you darn canuk, so find it yourself

Yeah mx518 is great, and the best bang for buck mouse probably.

RAID is a way to configure your hard drives while SATA and PATA are the ways it connects to the mobo.

RAID is really something to not even be considered in a budget / gaming / best-bang-for-buck build. It's benefits are small compared to upgrading other components. Unless you want / need redundancy.

RAID0 = 2+ hard drives split up the files, so both hard drives send / receive data at once. Small benefits in loading and what not, mostly good for big files.
RAID1 = safety, mirroring of hard drives, so if one blows you have the same stuff on the other... Good for important files.
There is RAID10, which i think is a combo of RAID 0 and 1, and i forget what RAID 5 is.
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Thank Dezixn, sounds like I wont be needing RAID till I get that moster of a system. Oh and my canuk brother and I also thank you for that RAM link I'll see how much those G SKILL sticks go for here.
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