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Asus P5K Deluxe --- Chipset Cooling Qs

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Hi guys,

I just ordered two Thermaltake Spirit II chipset coolers for my Asus P5K Deluxe. (And a Zalman 9700 SE).

My questions are:

Can I use my 16x Video Card (8800GTS 640MB) in the lower of the two 16x PCIE slots (keeping the top one empty)? Will that work?

How far can I push a E6420 C2D on this motherboard?

Is my Patriot 2x1GB PC8500 ram going to cut it?

Will this:
Thermalright HR-09S Slanted MOFSET Cooler

Fit onto my mobo with a Zalman 9700 SE right beside it? How much room does the Zalman need on either side (left and right of the cpu socket) ?

My new rig:
E6420 (Overclocked to ???)
Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi
2GB Patriot PC8500 Kit
BFG 8800GTS 640MB OC2 Video Card
4x 160GB WD1600AAJS (single platter) Hard Drives
Antec Full Tower Case
Antec 500W Smart Power (came with the case...should I upgrade to seagate?)
Logitech Z5500s
Samsung 27" LCD + 2x 19" flanking it
Logitech G15 KB + G5 Mouse (Matching set)

Thanks guys,
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1 dunno, check mobo manual. (if you dont have it, look for a PDF somewhere)
2 probably around 3.5, depends on stepping. micht be 3.2 max, could go to 3.8 with some luck.
3 honestly dont know.
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You wont be using one of those coolers... The SB one to be exact without water cooling on your 8800. I had to switch to an enzotech on my SB as I put water on my NB.

There just isn't room down there. You DO NOT want to use the bottom PCI-X Slot as it only works at 4x instead of 16x. This will cripple your GPU's power. Have a look at my gallery in my signature.

You can clock your 6420 as far as the cpu will let you. The mother board will only limit you at some point over 500MHz FSB, but it's been found that you only wanna go up to 499MHz FSB due to the NB strap changes at 500.

Your ram will take you well over 500Mhz FSB so it's good to go for this job.

Edit: Actually that ES II might fit offset there. You are just going to have to give it a shot. However, whatever you do don't put that 8800 in the lower PCI-X slot. Also welcome to the forums and please scroll to the top of the page and click User CP and enter your system specs from the left column.

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