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Asus M2A-MVP: V-core not configurable?

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Hello there,

Today, I was totally shocked.. I was about to get going with overclocking my AMD X2 5600+, and i was about to discover something very, very unpleasant. First my specs:

AMD Athlon X2 5600+ 2800MHz
Asus M2A-MVP Motherboard (Ati chipset)
2x 1GB Corsair DDR2-800 CL4
2x Asus X1950Pro Crossfire
Ac Ryan Ryanpower II 550W PSU
760GB Raid 0 stuff (2x 80, 2x 300)
Everything except my SB is watercooled.

Well here's the problem. I got overclocking, reached 3.05GHz when things became unstable. Since i have watercooling, i have no problem with putting some extra voltage on my pc, so I got going: put some extra voltage to it in the BIOS, and booted. But it was still unstable. So i checked the voltage in the bios: still 1.36V like the default. I downclocked again, but left my voltage high and i read out what everest pro said: 1.36V. So I grabbed my manual to figure out why my voltage didn't change, and I was shocked. This is what it says:

Processor Voltage (VID)
This item is not configurable

So, they put a Processor voltage function in the bios where you can choose voltages from 0.8V til' 1.55V, but they make it non-configurable.. Makes sense, eh?..

My question must be obvious by now: how can i raise my voltage anyway? Is there something special i have to do in the bios in order to get the voltage going? Or is there a hacked/tweaked bios around for my motherboard?

I just don't understand why Asus put that option in the bios while its not configurable. It's there, so it must be possible to get it going somehow.. Any suggestions/tips?
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Can somebody please help me?
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