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you can play dx10 games with directx9 but u will not get all the juice in the game i mean u willl not c directx10 effects, (particles, shadows...)
IF the game has a DX9 mode
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I wonder though..

How much LESS pretty Crysis will look using DX9
Probably not much - theres still alot left in DX9, it's just easier to get the new 1337 stuff outta DX10 than it is in DX9
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Quick question that's along these same lines. Is DirectX 10 compatible with XP? I read somewhere that 10 only runs on Vista. The reason I ask is because of a video card I want to get. It's a Fatal1ty card that only runs DX10, but I want to stay with an XP system.
No card "only" runs DX10, they run DX9 as well.

Please dont buy the Fatal1ty 8600 though, it's crap