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question for vista gurus

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Okay I'm getting three problems :

The first is Punkbuster... keeps kicking me off servers in CoD2. I'm running 1.3 patch. It keeps giving me this:

Server Disconnected - Jarhead_h has been kicked via Punkbuster(for 0 minutes)... Visit www.evenbalance..com to manually update you PB files

3DMark06 can't submit it's results online. I keep clicking the submit button and it comes up failed.

The third is that my keyboard seems to have a mind of it's own. Sometimes it doesn't register several keystrokes in a row, or it gets stuck on one letter and repeats it a dozen or so times. It does not do this when I use it with my laptop.

Running Vista Ultimate x86, Cat 7.6, onboard audio. Keyboard is a Logitech USB.

Oka have a fourth problem that's sound related. When I shut off MP11 in the middle of a song or video, the audio keeps playing until I give it something else to play.
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About the punbkbuster error, I've tried manually updating, that didn't work. Plus it wouldn't let me save the html page to the pb directory I had to save it to destop , then copy and paste it. And then it didn't work.

The first two errors seem to be in some way related to html and how Vista is handling it. I just don't know anything about it.
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Got CoD2 working Pbsetup is required and i'm pretty sure all of Vistas security has to be shut off(and I'm running all of it as administrator) but I got it running. No luck on the other stuff.
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I resolved this problem by doing the following.

Right Click on your BF2.EXE and go to Properties. Then go to the ''Compatibility'' tab and select Windows XP SP2 from the drop down box . Also check the box lables ''Run as administrator'' if you can. However everytime you lauch the game you can right click on the icon and select ''Run as admin''
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