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Added on 18/07/2007.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has hinted at the possibility of a new SKU for PlayStation 3 in Europe, which may possibly accommodate a hard drive capacity of 120GB.

Reeves mentioned the 120GB model during an interview with Norwegian website Dagbladet, where he addressed the possibility of a 80GB SKU for Europe, only to suggest that the leap from 60GB to 80GB would not be significant enough to pursue. However, he didn’t rule out the inclusion of a larger, 120GB version: "The difference between 60 and 80GB is very small, we just feel that going up 20GB is not worth it," said Reeves, adding, "If you go to double it, it's worth it". "So maybe you'll see something a little bit later."

Reeves also commented on the reasoning behind Sony’s decision to offer European consumers a Starter Pack rather than an actual price cut, stating, “We believe added value works in the PAL territories". “We don't think it's necessary to reduce the price", he said. "We think that consumers want added value in Europe. We think it's the right decision."

Announced last week, the Starter Pack will retail for GBP 425/EUR 599 and contains a 60GB PS3 console, two Sixaxis pads and two first party titles; the bundle is scheduled to go on sale throughout the UK and Europe by July 18th and August 1st, respectively. In North America, however, consumers have the choice of purchasing either the standard 60GB package (USD 499) or the new 80GB edition (USD 599), the latter of which also contains a copy of the game MotorStorm.

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