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Originally Posted by Swiftes View Post
The problem is...

Your pc sinply cannot run it, my Lappy with a 7200Go (64Mb and 192Mb Turbocache) Struggles to run it on Low @ 1280X800
Actually no, i can run it, i turned all settings to bare min. and got it working. the whole game runs flawlessly right up until i get to the sewers now. so right after i finish making my character and going thru the bs with uriel septim, it crashes right after it finishes loading the sewers. Also i checked out system requirements lab and it told me i should have no problem running it. Not to mention, yours struggles with it because you still need to change your resolution.
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Ok problem solved. FIRST I made sure to update, so I could change the graphic settings. SECOND for my problem with crashing when entering the sewers, I opened the Oblivion.INI file in my documents and changed bUsewatershader=1 to bUsewatershader=0. It made the water purple but fixed my problem. Hopefully no one will have this problem after reading this.
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