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For a Quad-Core, the best choice to fit your budget will be the ASUS P5KC: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813131188

It does not support RAID via the ICH but it's got a P35 chipset and it's 45nm CPU compatible along with being the current best chipset for OC'ing a QC CPU.

It also comes with two dimm slots for DDR3.

But then there's the GIGABYTE GA-P35C-DS3R: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813128048

Which it's the same as the P5KC, except it comes with an ICH9-R which supports RAID, so not bad for an extra $9.

But out of those two, I'd say the GIGABYTE will be better because of RAID.
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I never really got into raid. Hmm.

What would raid be good for? I might end up doing that, but ag. I dunno.
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Personally I think RAID helps in file transfers. Any multimedia that you do? Large files are a lot easier to move and store on RAID.

One drive writes while the other one reads, and I've used RAID 0 since 2004 and I'm not going back to a single drive. I also keep a full copy of my drive, basically I clone it to another drive.

But for gaming it does not do squat. But overall I think RAID 0 is better.
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Ah. WTH. I added it to the cart anyway. I might end up doing Raid in the future; might as well plan ahead.

I won't be ordering for a few weeks, but everything is looking good. I'm about to start a case mod to get the new parts a nice home

Edit: wait wait wait. I might order it. Newegg Preferred no payment for 6 mo. with no financing charges :-D
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But you better have that charge paid off at the end of the 6 month cycle. Otherwise the interest that accrued during those 6 months will be charge, even if you own 1 cent.

So, make sure that in your last (6th moth payment) your balance will be ZERO. Otherwise be prepare to pay the interest rate, and I'm sure it'll be hefty one, specially if it's one of those 22% rate cards.

And BTW, two Seagate 250GB (for a total of 500GB) drives in RAID 0 are faster than a 150GB Raptor. Raptor HDDs are not worth the money IMO.
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Hmm. I'll look into the HDD thing. Thanks for bringing it up!
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