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Fastest chipset mobo- P35k or nvidia 680i?

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Hey there fellas, help for me before brains n mop = me soon!!

Difference between P5K and P5K3 Motherboards and Nvidia Intel 680I:
Also Heard Power supplies with 1 rail is much cleaner and 100% flow
Of power as opposed to dual or quad rail Psu’s.

Is this true? Got a good link that sez so here:


So for the chipsets and mobo question:

I was told this on picking the best mobo for gaming.

I'd would get the Asus P5K Deluxe instead of the Striker. It's cheaper and the P35 chipset (just like the P965) is faster than the 680i. They overclock just as well but are less expensive- simple choice for me.

These are the ones I picked: What do you think? And which chipset is best for now and future.
For example:
. MotherBoard

ASUS Striker Extreme LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX The Ultimate Gaming Motherboard - FSB: 1333/1066/800MHz $299.00

Or the :
-Asus P35 Deluxe - FSB: 1333/1066MHz $239.99

OR the:
MSI P35 Platinum LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard
FSB 1333/1066MHz 100% satisfaction at newegg!!

Also for PowerSupply . I picked these 2 .

OCZ GameXStream OCZ850GXSSLI) 850-Watt Power Supply
Heard it won’t supply 28Amps for dual rail like the 8800gtx requires….hmm….now what?

Crap bad review dammit:

Pros: This psu had 4x12v rails and a whopping 850w.

Cons: This psu does not push out enough power to my EVGA 8800GTX or my 4gigs of Patriot DDR2 800 ram.

Other Thoughts: I built a high end gaming computer with top line components. I am a very big gamer and love to see the FPS high. After about 2 days worth of playing I started receiving BSOD and some random game errors. I have been researching this problem and I finally found an answer: The EVGA 8800GTX video card needs 2x12v rails with a minimum of 28A. This psu only pushes out 20A for each of its 4 rails. I wish there would have been better guidelines on buying a psu for a high end rig

Or the:
SILVERSTONE OP750 ATX12V / EPS12V 750W Power Supply 90 - 264 V RoHS, FCC, CE – Has Single Rails!! (New Arrival) !!! $169.99

So please help me decide on Powersupply for this new pc I’m making.

Here’s rest of the specs:


COOLER MASTER Stacker 830 Evolution RC-830-KKN2-GP Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail Your Price:$259.99
I also like a lot the - Thermaltake Black Kandalf LCS Full-Tower ATX Case $269.99

Western Digital Raptor X WD1500AHFD 150GB 10,000 RPM 16MB Cache Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM $204.99
New info!
Samsung SpinPoint T166 HD501LJ

3. Video Card

EVGA 768-P2-N835-AR GeForce 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 SUPERCLOCKED HDCP Video Card –


Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit Desktop $179.99

So, which motherboard and chipset is best, heard the p35k is faster then the 680i’s.

And Do I need single rail or dual rail in a PSU?
Does the 8800GTX need dual rails 12v?

Which psu would u suggest if the ones I picked up there aren’t good enough for the setup above on my new PC.

Whew, that was long ass question,…s…..

Thanks for any help…all these differences are making me go bananas….

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go here to check on power supplies that are also rated for the hardware you've got!

http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread. php?t=108088
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