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Help! OC'ing P5N32-E Sli Plus + E6750 + Ballistix

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Alright... I have been trying for days to get a good OC on my setup and i cant get past 3ghz at all.. its really freakin annoying... i tried the Ai Overclock through the bios, and it only lets me do 10% (2.93ghz) w/o giving a long never-ending beep like at 15 & 20% overclocks

I have been trying to do voltage changes but thats being a pain and can't find a stable point (i am fairly new to the OC scene, but im not a noob on computers in general..

some said and posted pics of OC'd systems with all stock voltages, putting in 1600 (400mhz x 8) for the fsb and getting a stable 3.2.... i cant.. its a *****..

i found these setting on the OC'ing sticky in this forum and got it to start up at 3.2ghz, but then it freezes either during the windows boot or during windows itself, all at random times
1.53125 Vcore
1.3 HT VTT
1.45 NB
1.5 SB
1.55 CPU VTT

my ram is manually set at 4-4-4-12 2T @ 2.2v, 880mhz... if i change ANY of these damn settings (other than ram fsb, which i upped 80mhz), it crashes too

so my researching has gone into many many hrs of the night and day... and would love for some help on this...

my goal = stable 3.4 or 3.6ghz

my setup in short:
Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400 2GB 4-4-4-12 2.2v
Thermaltake cpu cooler (similar to zalman's cooler that shoots air out the back case fan)

If someone could post their exact settings (all voltages they customized or didnt customize) that would be awesome... i think my ears are still ringing from listenin to so many beeps
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alright... i got it to 3.16 at these settings... so if someone can help me alter these to get them higher, thatd be awesome

fsb 1580mhz
ram fsb 880mhz
vcore 1.4v
ht 1.3v
sb 1.5v
nb 1.5v
vtt 1.55v
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then it crashed.. dammit
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Try raiseing 1.2 HT voltage to 1.35v and increase CPU vCore to 1.5v. Be sure to unlink your RAM and set it to run at its default speed while you work on the CPU.
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seemed good at first, but then vista crashed while loggin in.. tried again, and it crashes at random windows startup points.. this is a brand new fresh install on a 10k raptorx, so not sure whats going on

im at 1590fsb and it seems fine so far at 1.5v vcore and 1.35 HT... seems like the moment i go to 1600fsb, it dies all over
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well that crashed.. so i went back to 1.4v vcore and 1.3 HT at 1580fsb.. only stable OC so far.. 3.16ghz seems my limit at my settings now... arggg!!
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You could always try raiseing the NorthBridge to 1.55v, though you risk killing your board if you don't have aftermarket cooling on it. Also, be sure to check your real voltages in your motherboard's built-in voltage monitor, as this board likes to undervolt. You should also visit Asus's support homepage to obtain the latest 1203 BIOS for your motherboard.
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link and sync at 365FSB or 1465 in bios with the ram at 730 3-3-3-9-1T (18TrC) and 2.1 V for the ram.. if it has Micron D9 chips it should take this....

Then there is a bios hole from 365-415 so jump right to 415 or 1660FSB but you'll have to loosen the ram timings off ALOT....

At the 1465 timings your ram should have a read speed above 10000MBs and a latency of less than 50ns

Ihad a core duo on my board but now I have a kentsfield.... Ocing the quad is a heck of alot trickier than I thought it would be/...

try this for a vcore at 1465... 1.31875

use this HT 1.2
vtt: 1.25
nb: 1.30
sb: 1.50

g'luck!... let me know how you do.
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I too am having the same problem with a virtually identical configuration. I'm using the P5n32-E SLI Plus with an E6750 and Kingston KHX6400D2LLK2/2G. I can't get stability above 3 Ghz. I've tried all of the above mentioned voltage configurations to no avail. In fact, until I really started upping the voltages the thing wouldn't even post with a FSB setting above 1500. I also have the latest BIOS, version 803 which Asus claims should enhance 1333 processors overclockability. I'm tempted to roll back the BIOS and see what happens. I was really hoping for 3.4 out of this **** box and I can't even break 3.

I also have a dual boot configuration and have noticed that XP is far more stable than Vista when it comes to this overclocking endeavor. I can get XP to run for a little bit at 3.2, but Vista isn't even having 3.1 at all.

So far I'm stable at 1500 FSB and 750 on the RAM. Voltages are 1.45 Vcore, 1.35 for HT, 1.5 for NB and SB, and 2.1 for RAM. I've gone up on all of them but just can't get it to run.

Any new developments?
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Originally Posted by 5010 View Post
Then there is a bios hole from 365-415
As it turns out this appears to be the key. When I first read this I thought, "How could that be?" but I think thats the problem. I am now at 3.5 Ghz and fairly stable. Had one BSOD during MS Flight Sim X under Vista, but other stability tests (Ntune) have passed.

I set the FSB to 1750 and the RAM to 875, and loosened timings to 5-5-5-15.

At 3.5 Ghz the machine is WAY more stable than at 3.15. Go figure. I've got a Thermaltake Big Typhoon on it but can't get past 3.5 as yet. 3.6 will boot but vista crashes.

I think 3.5 is going to be where I end up staying, but I need a little more stability as I can't have MS flight sim crashing. I'll mess with voltages and memory timing a bit more. When FS crashed the BSOD referenced "memory management."

Wierd, but I'm happy. It likes faster better than slower.
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