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nah i haven't done anything recently im renovating my house hardcore at the moment. i still have plans for it though.

I wrote this on TEC efficiency a while back i assume you've read it
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Yes thanks, I think I have read most things you have said on the subject.

Results from my program are starting to come out similar to what I've seen in real life, there's still a lot of tweaking to do.
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i still want to make a mazzive TEC chillier to prove a whole bunch of points .. but i dont have the money to buy a milling machine to make it
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Have you checked this out. He has got the idea to work, though I think there are a hundred ways to improve on his design.

Passive cooling is never good, a tiny bit of airflow will make a huge amount of difference. Also I don't like the flow restriction of 10 cheap water blocks.
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i haven't seen that before. It works surprisingly well for how completely rubbish his heat sinks are .what was he thinking ? His cpu load is about 1/2 mine too. though im pretty sure it would be more than the 100watts someone else posted.

i really want to use my current cooling system to make a chiller ...the problem i have is it's a waste of money for the results. i have a head start on him though with my calculated C/W 10 time less than his and id be looking at using 3 -5 250watt tec's.

in the end my cooling system will end up costing 2-3 times what the whole pc cost me and thats excluding milling machine and tools

i could always take the cheaper road and use apogee gt on both sides of the TEC instead of making water blocks. but the price adds up to a milling machine pretty fast. though just buying a machine wont be the end of the costs.

Im currently wasting to much money on car audio .. and i really do need a new graphics card . as supreme commander is VERY slow. fortunately BF2 still goes fine.
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you know i've been thinking about that guys system . his C/W seems bad at first look, but since he has 10 of them his complete hot side system C/W would be 10 times lower. thats if i read the thread right
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Yeah, that's right. Each of his heatsinks has a C/W nearly 1. So as a whole he is cooling the peltiers with the equivalent of a watercooling loop at 0.1 C/W.

The principal is the same with mine. Each heat sink is almost 0.5 C/W but with ten of them its more like 0.05 C/W. That makes is pretty respectable as a cooling system.


Not sure what you'd get from a decent, not over the top, water cooling system, maybe around 0.04 C/W?
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swiftech 220 compact
at 12V (81 CFM) 0.128 @39 dba

The biggest problem is the cpu block . trying to get all that heat from such a small area.

Obviously the numbers we're using for his system is only 1/2 the sorry as the 1 / 0.1 is only for the hot side it's excluding the cold side c/w

just the radiator in the 220 has a c/w of 0.03
i have 3 radiators that will kick the above rad out of the water due to the changes i have made .. so my combined rads should have a c/w no worse than 0.01 it's a shame the cpu waterblock is holding me back.

What is does mean is that i can only gain about 10c from TEC's before condensation will become a problem and that brings me back to if it's really worth it.

i just worked out my cheaper option of 4 TEC's and using GT blocks and that'll cost at least 600 us + postage ... it's hardly worth it for 10c ... this doesn't mean i wont do it though.. i like playing around with all this stuff
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Ouch, that does seem very steep price wise for the cooling.

Ive really tried to concentrate on the cost with mine. Final cost for my chiller itself is less than 150 usd including postage etc. As it happens I had a lot of the bits lying around so Ive only spent about 100 usd so far. So my final costs should be similar to buying a thermochill radiator

On top of that are the costs for the CPU water block, pump, tubing and fans. But these would all be the same on a straight water cooling system .

I just got a great price on a db-1 pump, 140mm yate loons are excellent value for money,and my dad gets me tubing free from his work. All i need now is to find a place that actually has a Fuzion in stock.
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i have fuzion water blocks in stock ! ... im not that impressed with them though ... i should have gotten the nozzle kit i think.

im now thinking i'll go back to buying a milling machine instead of using GT's cause the GT really add up and i'd love to have a milling machine to make other stuff too.

i think we have a different approach to TEC cooling. I want a no compromise system that is technically the best i can make( i've been down the compromise track before with TEC's). Where as yours is more price conscious and there for you've had to make some compromises.

It wont surprise me if in the end the two system end up with similar results. if were both trying to stay above due point. The only difference in the two system might be noise and electricity used. Mine should be lower, but at 10x the price of yours and would have taken 3 years to fund. but i guess im not in a hurry cause at the end of the day our tec coolers are pointless except for gaining street creed
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