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Thanks. Going be doing it this summer, when I have both the time and the money. Probably start ordering the parts next month and just keep them in my closet. So they stay safe. Going to get my uncle to help me do this. He's got the tools and experience in building computers and such. I'll let you know how it goes once it's completed.

Any specific fans you'd recommend to replace the stock ones with? I already got a laptop cooling pad with two fans.
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Just new fans. Same model - keep in mind that even though they are same models, they may have different connectors... so don't do some dumb a$$ed thing like I did and throw the old ones away smile.gif
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Originally Posted by schnob View Post

Dang! How hot is your X9100 running when you have it at 3.8? Why is there such a huge difference between E0 and C0? Have any idea where I could find an E0 stepped one?

Temps are not too bad. I kept an .xls of it when I was thoroughly testing temps and what the chip can handle.

It definitely cannot run at 3.8 during gaming, it shuts down. I'm only able to get it to 3.5 during gaming. But I can get 3.8 all day doing normal apps and surfing. I have to knock it down a smidge if I'm watching a bluray or it locks up.
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Originally Posted by fotoguy View Post

This thread has really ground to a halt. I guess everyone has moved on to better and faster machines. I have too. But my new one sits untouched for the most part. I don't like the new Windows. And it has to be used for most of the drivers. So my FX is still the one that runs day and night, and it does so quite well. I still like it.

I've upgraded mine, like yours but with an extra thing or two. I took it all the way to 8GB, added a bluetooth module that was offered on other FX laptops, went with the X9100. Thing runs great. Plays any video game I throw at it....but I should mention that I haven't tried a game that is newer than 2011.

I've looked at getting a new laptop so that I can get a better CPU and GPU, but I'm just not seeing something out there that has all of the specs that this gateway does. It seems few of the newer stuff has ePCIE or eSATA like these gateways. I want a Razor laptop but that brand offers neither external port...
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Originally Posted by DurbanCommando View Post

Hey guys! First time poster here, long-time lurker. I recently dugout my old gateway ms2252, and all that's wrong with it is the screen's busted. Is it cost effective at all to fix it, or is there no reason to anymore? I believe it'd still be able to chug through some more recent games on lower settings if I wanted it to, and it'd make a great media computer to boot.

So what do ya think?

Just depends on what you want out of it. You can replace the screen and they are not that expensive.
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Originally Posted by b1ad35 View Post

If you like the computer then why not fix it up? I got gateway P-7805u with T9900, blue ray burner, 8 gigs RAM, dual 256 gig crucial ssd hard drives. I got more invested in the computer than it's worth but I'm not planning on selling it. It my gaming computer/learning cuz I'm doing all the work myself. It worth it for me. When I get a better computer Sager Np9170 I will be able to do what I need to on it without taking it to someone else. smile.gif

That makes sense. It's a "figure it out" machine.

Besides, I think upgrading it is a good idea.

I've got a half dozen upgrades and it runs great. The cost was no where near what a new gaming laptop would cost me (2500-2900); at least the ones I am looking at.
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Originally Posted by junior43 View Post

The mod allows me to turn the computer on when the lid is closed..

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I've got quite a bit of crap to do on this laptop this week.

-backup pertinent data
-benchmark in 3DMark
-install bootable OS on SSD (not going to ghost. I want a clean install. I may wipe this HD, install W7 and then ghost that, however)
-replace both top and bottom chassis. The GF knocked my laptop off a stand last night and cracked one corner off on the palm rest section.
-benchmark with SSD as boot
-hook up eGPU assembly with an ePCI kit, ASUS 2GB GPU and external PSU that I picked up.
-benchmark again smile.gif

I've got a bottle neck as far as the ePCI goes, but I'm still going to see a massive boost in gaming performance.
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Originally Posted by jonatbaylor View Post


So I can tuck my computer into the entertainment center and not have to worry about opening the lid - nor do I have to worry about constant power consumption and heat generation from being in sleep mode constantly. All I have to do is plug in the switch, press the button and unplug the switch. A much better option than pulling the laptop out, pressing the power button, waiting for the computer to turn on, closing the lid, putting it back into the entertainment center....
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