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Wow, normally the speakers would still be crackling and popping by now (at least a tiny bit). But they're not. This isn't to say the speakers are the problem. I know that this sound is being generated before it ever reaches the speakers.

Well, I still say something is screwy, and I still want to know what's going on.

I repeat, this suddenly happened for the first time ever when I decided to change the Power Options to have the system go on standby first, hard drives turn off 2nd, and Hibernation 3rd, after 1 hour.

When I take it out of Hibernation for that first time, I suddenly heard this noise coming from the speakers which I had never heard before (prior to that, I had never had any problems). That noise, of course, was the crackling and popping.

It behaves thusly: It's wild at first. It sounds like somebody has a campfire, and they added a bunch of really dry kindling. And much like this analogy, the crackling dies down and eventually becomes absolutely silent with the occasional random "pop".

But it's not giving me an occasional "pop" right now. It's normally silent. I attribute this to re-installing it to it's brand new state (original drivers from OEM CD).

What I want to know is, what's up with this, and why does it only do it when it comes out of hibernation?

Thanks for lettin' me bother ya.