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Originally Posted by 2Luke2 View Post
Btw it was def your bios update that did it. I had the same problem with my Razor Keyboard and mouse... It was actually kind of funny... I could let it post and watch it stop and go as I removed and inserted the usb keyboard or mouse. Here is another quick fix. Disable the errors that come up when you don't have a keyboard plugged in. Enable USB 2.0 and then unplug your keyboard and mouse and restart when you boot into windows you should be able to plug them back in with no problem. I had a PS2 keyboard laying around for awhile while I was working this problem out lol.
Well that's what I was doing, I'd just unplug my computer, wait until I see the Vista loading screen and just plug the keyboard back in. But it's rather annoying. I'd prefer to not have to go back to an older BIOS, the old BIOS had a .1v vDroop!
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Originally Posted by Penicilyn View Post
Hey everyone,

here's the problem, since updating my motherboards BIOS to get rid of the massive .1v Vdroop my system seems to screw up. When it goes to POST and initialize the USB devices it just hangs, I found out which device it is hanging because of, my Apple Wired USB keyboard. It used to work perfectly on the older bios, but I've updated the bios once to the newest full version and now I'm running the brand new beta bios and it's still screwing up when posting. Is there anything I can do to make this work?
Hi ! my first post on the forum !!!

I have the exact same problem with my merc stealth kb...pretty annoying ! I've tryied my "old" saitek eclipse and it works fine...I suspect the problem to be caused by the two usb ports on the merc. The bios recognise it as a hub, not a kb !?

Anyway, I've been lurking forums for a solution...First time I "hear" of disabling usb 2.0...gonna try that !
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Yes disabling usb 2.0 should work just fine.
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