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wow.... more great advice... sorry, but I posted on another forum last night and only got 1 reply... I post here and can't keep up with them all, lol.

yeah, I'm already running Vista 64bit... and I really don't do any video stuff, although I have in the past... but it's a pretty random hobby and only comes into play at rare times.

The next big video thing I can think of will be me ripping my HD-DVDs and putting them to Blu later down the road when my SAL HD-DVD players die.... and Blu is cheap, lol... DDR5 anyone? lol. Sorry, stress relief.
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just curious, how much is the 8gb before rebates?
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It's supposed to be on sale $84.99 per 4GB (2x4GB) kit... so $170 for two kits... then there's a $40 MIR for the kits... but I would assume you'd have to have a plan for using more than one mail in rebate. I usually use couple of my friends addresses for stuff like this.... and they use me too when needed.

Currently the regular price is about $124.99 for per kit before $40 MIR.

It was in an email flyer from microcenter... in store only though. But I figured I might be able to talk newegg into meeting the price as another option.... but if not, Microcenter is only about an hour drive from me and I have other things I'd like to in that area anyway.

Another reason I was thinking of doing it is because I'd be doing this on two computers (mine and my wife's, both setup with same hardware) so I'd be getting 16GB of RAM for about $180 after rebates... didn't think that was a bad idea.
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