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Hi semper,

It looks about normal.... as far as the log file goes. On the Windows Task Manager click on the "performance" tab. That should read 90-100%, if it is then FAH is running.

Remember that FAH SMP is using all of your cpu (sort of), so doing other activities with the rig will slow it down and may crash it when using some programs such as games... Generally, web surfing does not effect the client to much. Listening to music (iTunes, Windows Media, etc), opening up other programs such as Word, Excel, etc will slow down the client.

I'd let it go for awhile and see what happens... Awhile = 6 to 8 hours...
The fact that the client is running, reading checkpoints and writing files tells me it's Ok. Remember also that every rig is different. BTW - You are not closing the text box window by clicking on the "X" at the top are you?? I've had this close down the client as well. Leave the program running in your status bar at the bottom of the desktop...

I have several rigs that are "exact" copies of one another from the motherboards, to the cpu, to the ram to the overclocks, to the voltages, and each runs at different speeds for the FAH client based on % per hour - even if the client is the same e.g. 2653, 2604,2605, etc. Your guess is as good as mine why that is... You'll need to get a "feel" for the FAH client on your rig. Comparing to other rigs or other member results, isn't always that easy or complete. To many variables.... background programs, electronic components, etc... Except for 3 of my rigs, all of them only have the OS and FAH loaded. No Anti virus, firewalls, messenger, or other programs on them... not even speed fan, or other "watchdog" type programs.

I hope this helped, :-)