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would this fit inside a mid-tower? - Page 2

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well i'm not going to be using sli anymore, and i'm only going to be using 2 hard drives at the most so that top bay will be open. the point is cheap :/. i have awhile until i buy something. i want a case in the $50 range, BUT i might stretch the price a little if i can find the 690 for cheap! it does look killer for the price/performance
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I'd stick with Cooler Master, and try not to get one that comes with a PSU. Those PSU's are usually worthless.

If you're able to keep your case out in the open, then check out this Centurion 5 with a window. It's $49.99 at NewEgg, but I bet if you looked it up on Google Shopping, you could find it lower. You may even find it with free shipping somewhere. But if you go that route, pay very close attention to the seller ratings.

Here are my Google Shopping search results for that Centurion 5 using Firefox.

And here they are using IE

They're the same results, but they're browser-specific (that's all Google).

Whatever you do, try to stay with Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Antec, and I honestly don't know what else.

You could do what I did, and ask who are the top manufacturers, and who has the best value. That really helped me out. My wish-list build is very solid. Well, here... check it out. These prices include shipping and rebates: I made this with the help of Overclock.net, and NewEgg.com's Learning Center.
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yeah, i know... those psu's are crap, but it would upgrade a psu i have in a secondary system i'm on right now. i think i'm going to ditch the windowed c5 if i go with that b/c the non has 2 available side vents for fans. plus i'm not a LED type of guy anyway so i try to stay away from "those" cases
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Ah, then the plain old cent 5 is yours!
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yeah, looks like it's the top canidate right now. the whole point in doing all this is b/c i have a $2000 w/c rig i'm selling b/c i need the money, so this other computer i'm really trying not to break 1k. actually i don't even want to reach 1k on this build, but i still want high performance like my other rig, but already with this case it saves me a little over $100

now for the other parts
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