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Hey guys,

I have my gaming rig "buttoned down" and threw together my HTPC project finally. I'm using the eVGA e-7150 with onboard HDMI to my Samsung DLP and so far it's up and running but I have a few questions.

I am using VLC since MSoft won't let us have DVD codecs for free and I can't seem to get it to output in Dolby Digital through S/PDIF. I've set the Windows XP sound settings to 7.1 Home Theater and selected the 5.1 option in VLC to no avail. This very well could be an issue with VLC itself so if nobody knows the fix, alternate software recommendations are welcome.

This is been a great project so far. I was a little worried about overscanning with my TV but things are working great. The NVidia driver has a feature built in to downsize the desktop and compensate for any overscan. Awesome!

Once I get this A/V issues ironed out I plan to get my Mamewah front-end fired up so I can have 56" of emulator awesomeness. I can't afford Blu-Ray at the moment but I plan to get an HD2400 and a nice BD-ROM (thank you HD-DVD for finally dying so prices can come down!).