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yeah, some biostars are weird like that, mine says the multiplier however.
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well, it seemed to work. FSB is now at 239 and HT link is at 955. i went ahead and bumped the vcore up 1.45 while i was in there and I am now at 3.34. i havent tested stability yet, but my temps are around 28C idle so i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed. thanks for all the help!
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no prob man, being a vtech junkie and all, what you driving?
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lol 2000 civic SI. it's kind of a piece right now, but i just can't get away from the sound it makes at 7K
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lol, its okay i have an 03 cavalier, mine isn't quite stock though. ever heard an ecotec hit 8k.
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you know, i can't say that i have... got a sound clip? lol
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i don't. its nothing special i suppose. i'd still rather have boost than decent N/A power
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well considering those things stock redline at around 6k (correct me if i'm wrong) i'd still like to hear that. i wanted a vortech 'charger for the longest time (271hp on the B16!) but once i heard one at 10k with ITB intake, I was hooked on that
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lol, yeah i love hondas with itb's. a guy from the forums i'm on tried to make a itbs for the ecotec but as far as performance goes it just wasn't the way to go. if you go to youtube there is a guy with a sunfire on there. same motor, same exhaust, same setup basically that has a vid posted. basically i built mine based on his build
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thanks the link to the sunfire, mine sounds almost exactly the same
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