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o ok cool. i'll listen to it in the morning since the missus is sleeping the bed right behind me lol. yeah ecotecs weren't really built to be high rpm screamers so boost would definately be the way to go for you
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yep, now to just pull it back apart and put in some 9:1 pistons instead of the 12:1's i'm running. i think that'll be a while though, gotta at least get through this summer season on the current setup since its all of a couple months finished
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there ya go! you should be able to push 20lbs if you're careful with the timings and fuel, especially if you get a IC with the turbo
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yeah, just not ready to spend that much money again right now. i like how we turned the computer forums to car talk. lol
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lol yeah well ya hit my other button... quick other question tho.. what, besides high temps, would cause orthos to fail?
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not enough voltage or components not able to handle what they're set at
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the list is endless, generally though its due to cpu or ram calculations. basically it calculates very very in depth and complicated formulas and if it gets a wrong answer it shuts down. if i fail i try upping the vcore, providing temps are okay, then run again
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ok i may do that since the temps didn't get above 45 during the test. any way you can tell me if all my other voltages are ok from the shot i posted earlier?
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yeah, they look fine, you may need to raise you chipset voltage a notch if you keep failing orthos though.
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ok i'll do that cause it's taking only 10 seconds to fail no matter which test i do. until then, i'm off to bed. it's almost 6 here thanks to daylight savings...
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