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OCZ or CM?

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I'm going to Toronto soon to buy computer parts (all..) from canadacomputers, but it looks like the PSU I was intending on getting is out of stock, but there is another one with a lot of stock.

I was intending on getting the OCZ (OCZ600SXS) StealthXstream 600W , but am wondering if the Cooler Master Extreme Power 650W is just as good?

I am on a pretty tight budget so I wanted a cheap PSU...
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There's no other options? Yuck....

I guess the OCZ if it were between those two.
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Unless you wanna search the canadacomputers site for something around that price range with stock.. *insert smiley, dont know code*
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I just did. WOW! These guys have high prices.

This is the best "deal" I could find you: http://www.canadacomputers.com/index...023&cid=PS.808

WAY better than either OCZ or Cooler Master units.
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High prices? You think?
Meh, not really imo..
Also, that PSU is all out of stock =/
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