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Abit IP35-E bios update

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can anyone give me a detailed tut on how i can update my bios? i still have the version that has double boot. also since i am a noobie at flashing bios, i am not very comfortable with the general guide that they have at the Abit website.

oh, and i dont have a floppy drive.....is there a work around for that?
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You could make a flash drive into a bootable drive. There is a utility made by HP that makes flash drives bootable. You can download the utility and dos files from Here. After that, get the new bios and extract it. There should be a folder with 5 files in it. Then you need the awdflash.exe that you can download from the abit website. Copy the five files that you extracted and awdflash.exe to the usb drive then reboot with the usb drive in. Go to your bios and set it to boot from the usb drive. Once booted into the usb drive, type "A:\\>AMIFLASH bios name.ROM" without quotes and whichever drive letter the usb flash drive is. Then clear the CMOS after the update.

I hope this helped. I'm not very good at explaining how to do things. I'm better at just showing somebody......Good Luck.

Edit: AWDflash.exe comes in the package with the bios.
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To use floppy or flash disk update is preferred. The last option is to use Abit flashmenu tool. Make sure reset everything to stock settings before do the update.
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Thanks, I forgot about that.
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