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Summing it All Up
We already know that the E8000 series Wolfdale CPU's offer great performance at a very good price. The problem is they're not easily available. We found that the Xeon E3110 is a viable alternative to the E8400, as it's basically the exact same processor with a different name. Plus at least in Canada, availability might be better than the E8400 as well.

Good luck finding an E8000 series processor or an Xeon E3110. To buy the E3110 used in this article, I checked with many retailers on a daily basis for stock changes, and once it became available, I bought it right away. Early the next day, it was out of stock again. So when looking for one of these processors, persistence in the key.

Below are some places which you might try if you're in Canada or the US for the E3110 and E8400.

E8400 @ (and .ca)
E8400 @ PriceCanada (shopping search engine)

E3110 @ (and .ca)
E3110 @ DirectCanada (receiving stock on March 25)
E3110 @ PriceCanada (shopping search engine)