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System Restart

*If your Sidekick LX is acting weird or has poor signal, or if it is responding slowly, restart the Sidekick by pressing @, 1, and 0 all at once. Your
Sidekick LX should restart.
Sidekick Mirror Press And Hold The Menu Button+Shift+M ( The Screen Should Turn Off)*
Sidekick chat Room On Aim Press And Hold The Menu Button+Shift+J*
Sidekick Trackball Light Press and Hold the Menu Button+F. The trackball should be light blue for a couple of minutes.*
Emulating a Hard Reset*
The Sidekick LX now will commit memory-resident DataStores to flash memory when the device is powered down or rebooted normally. This greatly reduces the incidence of "hard reset" re-syncing of the device which enhances user experience. However, this Sidekick Trick makes it more difficult for developers to test this functionality on the device. You can simulate a hard reset on the device two ways: 1) Yank the battery out of the device without shutting it down. This will force a hard reset of the device, but it's not recommended as this can also potentially corrupt files on the miniSD card if they're being written when this happens. 2) (recommended) Follow the steps below to clear the datastores off and simulate a hard reset:*
- Reboot the device by pressing @+1+0*
- IMMEDIATELY press and hold the 'R' key on the keyboard. Continue to hold the 'R' key down
- The device will reboot, and when the initial boot screen (the 4 face buttons animation shows) displays, the screen will clear and the device will reboot again.*
- Let go of the 'R' key at this point, and the device will reboot with no datastores, and force a resync.*