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I know what burden of proof is kiddo. Did you bother to read my post? I said it has no place here. This is not a court of law its a internet forum.

The smart people on this forum can think for themselves. They don't need your help.

You haven asked a single "Why" question so far in this thred. And your sacrasum and satire is very weak if not non existant.

Also you tell me to keep up with the times. I honestly don't have a clue where you are coming from there.

I suggest people do not listen to you. Cus your not asking your attacking.

PS: WHY is Vista so much better than OSX? WHY are there so much more people using Vista? WHY is Vista more secure than OSX? WHY WHY WHY?

Oh my I feel so powerfull. haha.
I suggest that people not read your posts because you have a serious problem with grammar. The reason Windows is so widely used is because of the business tactics used by Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Also, have you ever read the TOS?

You are EXPECTED to:

* Edit your posts for spelling and grammar.'s usability depends on this.
o Use capitalization
o No excessive Internet jargon
o Use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation
* Treat others with respect at all times
* Maintain an environment that is friendly to all ages
o No swearing, racy images etc.
* Post new threads within the most applicable section of the site
* Post factual information
* Link to internal sources of information before linking to external sources - if the information is comparable
While it is obvious that you ignore the grammar part, I would like to emphasize post factual information.