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Well, from my experience with Crucial Ballistix, the IC's started failing after just a few weeks..I had them de-clocked to ~833mhz running 4-4-3-8 @ 2.27v under load [trimmer set, DMM measured]. All 3 sets were run with a 80mm fan on them to keep temps in check, as my rigs run 24/7 for folding.
Gradually, I began to have memory related errors and failing memtests. I relaxed the timings and regained stability for a few days..the errors came back. Eventually, both sticks of each set would refuse to even run 5-5-5-15 @ 800mhz, w/ 1.8v.

..So, to answer you Q, I really dont know. I believe temps can always play a factor with RAM. I think Crucial might have gotten some 'bunk' IC's the last RMA'd return set of 1066 I had, would not even run at default settings at any voltage. So sorry for Crucial..but I am really turned off by over 8 months of failing memory and returns.