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new pc help

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im putting together an ideal computer i was wondering if people could help me understand if these parts are all compatible or if part(s) are worth upgrading?

the build:


thats it basically so if there is another preferable or something worth upgrading i appreciate some input thanks
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What are you planning to do with the computer and what is your budget

never mind, i'd get more ram and a better audio card

save your build as a wishlist
make it a public wishlist
post the link here

Here is an example
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upgrade the ram to what? cuz its speed if i looked correctly is the max the mobo would support and 4gigs is the max (on 32bit OS), as far as the sound card goes im not to picky just something thats loud and sounds decent, and can support about a 5.1 surround sound speaker system?
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or any quality 2x2 gig kit (I have 4x2)

And with a x64 OS 8 gigs rocks (so will 4)
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