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Q9450 and P5E3 Deluxe Overclocking Advice

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I have a Q9450 and P5E3 Deluxe motherboard.

I am using OCZ DDR3 - 1333 memory and an OCZ 1010 watt power supply.

When I first booted up even though I manually set the mulitplier to 8 CPU-Z says it is running at 6. Anyone have any ideas why this would switch like that. Also any ideas to get the 8 multiplier to stick.

I was also entertaining the idea of up the FSB to 450 and running the system there. I found a cheat for an older version of the Asus BIOS. I tried these settings but the computer fails on boot up with these settings. I am not to familiar with memeory timings so i left the momory on auto but adjusted the CPU settings and voltages. Any advive would be more than welcome.

Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual
CPU Ratio Control - Manual
CPU Ratio Setting - 8
FSB Strap to North Bridge -266
FSB Frequency - 450
PCIE Frequency - 115
DRAM Frequency - DDR-1800
DRAM Command Rate - 1T
DRAM Timing Control - Manual

DRAM Timings
CAS# Latency 7 DRAM Clocks
RAS# to CAS# Delay 7 DRAM Clocks
RAS# PRE Time 7 DRAM Clocks
RAS# ACT Time 15 DRAM Clocks
RAS# to RAS# Delay Auto
REF Cycle Time Auto
WRITE Recovery Time Auto
READ to PRE Time Auto
READ to WRITE Delay(S/D) Auto
WRITE to READ Delay(S) Auto
READ to READ Delay(S) Auto
READ to READ Delay(D) Auto
WRITE to WRITE Delay(S) Auto
WRITE to WRITE Delay(D) Auto
DRAM Static Read Control Disabled
DRAM Dynamic Write Control Disabled
Ai Clock Twister Strong
Ai Clock Skew for Channel A Auto
Ai Clock Skew for Channel B Auto
Ai Transaction Booster Enabled
Boost Level 2
Voltage Settings
CPU Voltage 1.475
CPU PLL Voltage 1.6
FSB Termination Voltage 1.5
DRAM Voltage 1.96
NB Voltage 1.61
SB Voltage Auto
Clock Over-Charging Voltage Auto
Load-Line Calibration Disabled
CPU GTL Voltage Reference Auto
NB GTL Voltage Reference Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum Disabled
PCIE Spread Spectrum Disabled

Thanks in advance

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That lower Multi, I believe, is the work of C1E, also known as Enhanced Halt State. Your CPU will always push back to the lower multiplier unless it is under load, for the sake of your electricity bill. Try running something that will draw cpu power WHILE CPUz IS ONPEN. That should make your multi change. If you are confused, just disable C1E on the BIOS.
As for not booting, what are those insane memory speeds? ddr1333@1800?!? and that at 1T command, and 7 CAS latency?!? Man, OCZ will call the cops on you.
You might get that 450 FSB allright, but forget 1800 memory (how insane is that?). Try these:

CPU Multi => 8x
FSB => 450

FSB Strap to North Bridge => 266
DRAM FREQUENCY => should be around 1333

**** You can also try FSB strap as 400 and RAM at 1200, for compatibility's sake.

Memory speed => AUTO, don't mess with the speedings yet.

Voltage settings => all auto (leave that for later, you want the machine to boot first. If it doesn't boot, raise vcore slowly. Intel specification for you CPU is 0.85V – 1.3625V, try not to cross that)

Well, that should get you to boot, at least.
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..you cant boot your RAM 500mhz over stock speed, without some voltage!

Lower your RAM speed and raise the NB strap to 333mhz for now. Once you get a boot, you can lower the strap to 266mhz [this requires more NBv to do so, as you are decreasing latency].
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