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Atom processors in IDF spring 2008 got almost a principal place; therefore it is possible to reveal today on intel official site press release about the announcement of atom processors series zxx (Silverthorne) and platform centrino atom (Menlow).

Let us immediately note that this platform is oriented to built-in devices and compact mobile computers with Internet access . These processors are more economical from the side energy consumption, than Diamondville, although the basic differences between them exactly consist in the energy consumption level . Here is The characteristics of atom processors presented today .

Prices indicated are for processor and chipset. There is possibility to reproduce three-dimensional video with directX 9, OpenGL, support and to also accelerate video decoding (hardware level) with 720p and 1080i quality. This platfrom support DDR 2-400 or DDR 2-533 memory with volume 512 mb or 1 Gb. This Chipset also support PCI express and USB interfaces .

Low-end processors, Atom Z500, operates at 800 MHz frequency and support 400 MHz system bus. TDP Level does not exceed 0.65 W. This high energy efficiency became possible due to the use of 45 nm technical process and energy-saving technologies ( EIST and Deep power down technology (C6) ). Models with 533 MHz system bus already support hyper-Threading. The processor atom z540 operates at 1.86 GHz frequency , and it is satisfied by TDP level not more than 2.4 W. All those models have one core and 512 KB cache in the second level.

The processors atom z510 (1.1 GHz) and Atom z530 (1.6 GHz) are supplied with seven-year support from producer. Drivers for the new platform will be accessible during July this year. Intel Representatives also confirmed that the following generation of atom processors ( pineview/lincroft ) will obtain the integrated graphic core and memory controller .