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Asus P5N-T Deluxe 780i SLI Won't overclock !!

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So the rope is tied up in the garage after hours of trying to get my E6750 to overclock. I've updated the bios to 1001 and its dead stable now. Only thing is when i try and change FSB the settings do not save and when it reboots everything back on Auto again. I can change voltages, memory timings etc but it will not save FSB changes . This CPU will clock to 3.2 on a good air system i know this because a friend has one, is there something i'm doing wrong. There are plenty of guides of how to overclock on many boards on this forum but sadly this board hasn't even had a mention.

If anyone has used this board to overclock an E6750 please tell me exactly what settings you changed etc as im about to smash this board to bits !!

Thanks people
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Hmmm an overclocking forum and no reply to an overclocking thread.

Bump Bump Bump !
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I alos recently bought this mobo but havent had time to fiddle with the overclocking. But finally I got a day off to mess with my new rig. My system is

P5N-T delux
intel core2duo e8500
2x1 corsair xms2 6400 cl4

Ohh.. let me say that im no overclocking guru at all. But have a good understanding for computers since I'm a programing engineer, but it is not very often we overclock at work to say the least
I'll have to google and see how far i can push the ram (i Might have to get some proper OC ram). But the CPU should be a OC monster from what i read on various sites.

At default setup these are my stats:
Core speed: 3166MHz
MP: x9.5
FSB: 333.3 MHz

So i figure.. well lets first rise the FSB to 400 to since thats what i KNOW my ram should be able to handle. And 3.8 GHz should be a walk in the park for the e8500 (i might need to bump the voltage a little)
The only way i could get the system to boot with the above setting was in linked->sync mode. However the OS (vista) would not boot
So now im searching for my floppy drive so i can flash the bios and see what happens.
Ill post back with more results as i go.

PS. u are right.. not much overclocking info/experience with this mobo out there. So lets star compiling some user results What im curious about is how the wolfdale (or any core2duo) overclock since all the big reviews on the board uses quad core cpus.
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I have the 6750 and the only MP available is 6 - 8, whenever i try and raise the FSB it just won't save whatever i do. I've currently let one of my friends work on it and hes quite experienced with Mb's so if he can't do it somethings up
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