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Ok so I've got her running stable (and relatively cool) at 3.2Ghz at the moment. Temps stay in the very low 60's under full load in Ortho's. But I'm getting a bit worried, I get some serious Vdroop under load, I'm talking it goes from a core voltage of 1.312 idle (which I have the mobo set for 1.43) down to 1.26 under load. I'm leaning towards my power supply being the culprit for that which sucks cuz the wife was mad enough I bought the quad and were getting ready to get a new LCD TV which means no more puter money any time soon.

I'm sure with a 400 watt I'm really pushing it now especially since its pretty much a "no-namer" (Delta) Well guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it don't blow untill I can get a new one.