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9800gx2 Temps / OC

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I figured out how to get rivatuner to work, but what are people using for temps? Ive created fan profiles at 60 80 and 100% with it starting at 45% with windows.

I have heard these cards do run hotter so I'm not sure what temps to associate with each fan level.

Lastly, I had a 8800gts. Is OCing this any different since it has two cores? Do i have to OC each core separately in rivatuner?

Thanks for the help
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Both cores overclock at the same time, you don't have to do each core seperatly. Also, the temps are about 58C idle and 84C load if you leave the fan at stock. With the fan at over 90% I get about 50C idle and 72C at load with my OC.
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awesome thanks so much! rep+
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Originally Posted by secretsexyninja View Post
awesome thanks so much!
Not a problem, and good luck with the card. So far I've had no problems with mine, though I haven't tried every game yet.
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one other question for anyone out there about the 9800gx2 do i need the fan set to do temps for both cores or just the first core? dunno if that matters or what

edit: only 1 fan on it, so i just set it to core 1
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is there a reason for the first core to constantly have this red above it? its not on the 2nd core or anywhere else..
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