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Already offering 1625 and 1800 DDR3 memory, Kingston Technology has decided to release something that will not totally blow the budget of a new, shiny, high-end Intel rig. Sacrificing latency but not frequency, Kingston has released a bunch of 1600 MHz-rated DDR3 modules and kits.

"With more new chipsets able to take advantage of DDR3 memory, the time was right for Kingston to release 1600MHz modules to fill the need for an economic alternative to higher priced 1600MHz modules on the market," said Dara Sun, strategic alliance manager, Kingston. "Our goal with this new offering is to meet the demand for a more mainstream performing DDR3 product while complementing our high frequency top-performing memory technology."

The fresh and funky HyperX DDR3 1 and 2GB memory modules and 2 and 4 GB kits are certified to work at 1600 MHz powered by 1.7 to 1.9V and with latencies of 9-9-9-27. The recommended prices for the new memory stand at $198 (1GB module), $395 (2GB module/kit) and $790 (4GB kit).