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I just recently bought a New in box Retail QX9650 for $700 from a guy over at the AnandTech trading forums, and I'm very eager to get it up to decent clocked speeds. The problem, however, is that I won't have enough funds for a water cooling loop until around June, and so for now this is a temporary solution as I need to work with what I'm already given. As most of you know, the new stock HSF on the QX9650 is a major upgrade from the standard heatsinks that Intel issues with their non-Extreme Edition CPUs

I'm going to be applying Arctic Silver 5 to the copper baseplate as my thermal compound. Eventually, the CPU will be lapped down to a 2000 grit finish once I have the water cooling setup, but that isn't an issue right now. The CPU will be installed on the specs in my sig.

And now to the questions:

1) Considering the speed of my RAM in relation to the 1333MHz FSB, what would be the best multiplier/FSB combinations to attempt for a 3.8 - 4.0GHz overclock?

2) Will EIST and C1E do me any good as far as idle power consumption in this case, or should I just leave them disabled?

3) Considering the heavily dependent nature of quad cores on FSB frequency, should I be more focused on a higher multiplier or a lower one?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.